Our (Fun)d Raising Project simultaneously earns donations for street children while also raising awareness about their conditions, encouraging others to see the urgency and initiate movements like ours. We can't eradicate poverty, but we can supply education to close the gaps between the privileged and the underprivileged. We partner up with various companies who would like to donate through our 1000 rupiah/follow program. 

Our goal until November 15, 2015 is to raise 5 million rupiah (equivalent to 5000 followers) to supply sembako for around 100 families living in Bongkaran, Tanah Abang. 


Just by following our Instagram updates, you've donated and given these kids the attention they deserve. Social media is a powerful tool. Why don't we start using it for a good cause?


Daily updates as of October 11, 2015:



Money raised

2,500,000+2(5474) = Rp. 13,448,000