Inspired by Humans of New York, we believe
that every face has a story. Judging a person by
their appearance is easy, but as we start to learn
their stories, we realize that there's more than what meets
the eyes. Especially in the case of the street children,
people tend to jump into conclusions when they see
them on the streets. We aim to prove otherwise. 

Let's give our voice for
the people on the strreets


Streetizens Founders

Nicholas Sean, Cindy Sudirgo,
Felicia Widjaya. Elisse Madjudin, Megan Joseph
Mika Sudjarwo, Nathan Tolib




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Scorching days. Long nights. Scurrying around the traffic jam, barefooted. Singing for hours, nonstop. This is the typical day for Bagas, only six years of age. For him, 50 thousand rupiah is worth the hours of sweat and fatigue they have to endure under the sun. Education is a luxury they cannot afford. This is his childhood.


Bagas is only one of the hundreds of thousands children on the streets of Jakarta. Their little guitars and small voices are their only resources to survive each day. Begging becomes second nature for them, and it continues to become a cycle. Don't let the cycle continue. 


Listen to their silent cries. 


Jakarta. One city. Two worlds.
We didn't know their stories, they didn't know ours. 

Streetizens aims to become the bridge between these two worlds, using social media to raise awareness about the rough conditions of the unfamiliar world we never experience. As a social movement, we aim to use social media for a good cause. By knowing their stories, these people will no longer be "strangers".

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